/Tobacco: Ile-de-France is the region where people smoke the least
Tobacco: Ile De France Is The Region Where People Smoke The Least

Tobacco: Ile-de-France is the region where people smoke the least

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is the region where people smoke the most and Île-de-France the one where people smoke the least, according to a study published Tuesday, January 29 by Public Health France.

Tobacco: Ile-de-France is the region where people smoke the least

In France, the proportion of daily smokers among 18-75 year olds is 26.9%, according to figures from the 2017 Barometer of the Public Health France agency. But this national average hides strong disparities.

Socio-economic factors

The regions with the lowest number of smokers are Île-de-France, with 21.3% of smokers, and the Pays de la Loire (23%). Conversely, four regions exceed the national average: Paca (32.2%), Hauts-de-France (30.5%), Occitanie (30.3%) and Grand-Est (30.1 %).

“These differences are linked to several factors. First, smoking is socially marked, we smoke more when we are in an unfavorable socio-economic situation ”, explained to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Viet Nguyen Thanh, head of the addictions unit at Health public France. Thus, the better performance of Île-de-France could be explained by the fact that the socio-economic level is generally higher there than in other regions.

Another factor is the fact that a region is a border. The four where people smoke the most “are close to countries where tobacco is cheaper,” notes Ms. Nguyen Thanh.

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Smoking among 17 year olds and pregnant women

These regional comparisons had already been made public last year, when the health authorities announced a historic drop in the number of smokers in France, with one million less for the year 2017. This drop was attributed by the authorities to a set of factors such as the rise in prices, the neutral pack of cigarettes or even reimbursement of the anti-smoking treatments gradually implemented.

The map published on Tuesday goes further in the level of detail, thanks to a collaboration with the OFDT (French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction) and Inserm. Thus, if daily smoking in Hauts-de-France and Grand-Est is higher than the national average for 18-75 year olds, this is not the case for 17 year olds.

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In these two regions, 23.7% and 23.5% smoke every day, while the national average is 25.1%. On the other hand, Hauts-de-France and Grand-Est are among the regions where intensive smoking – that is to say at least ten cigarettes a day during the last thirty days – is strongest among young people of 17 years old (6.7% and 6.3%, for a national average of 5.2%).

For this age category, Normandy and Corsica are the regions where smoking is most prevalent if we take into account both daily smoking (30% and 31%) and intensive smoking (7.5% and 11%).

Finally, the proportion of pregnant women who smoke in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is 16.2% in France. This phenomenon is particularly marked in Hauts-de-France (23.1%), Normandy (24.7%) and especially in Brittany (28.1%). The only region where the proportion of pregnant women who smoke in the third trimester of pregnancy is lower than the national average is Île-de-France (11.1%).

By the editorial staff of Allodocteurs.fr with AFP