/Tobacco: neutral package helps deter smokers
Tobacco: Neutral Package Helps Deter Smokers

Tobacco: neutral package helps deter smokers

Two years after its implementation, the neutral package is starting to chill smokers. According to the results of the 2016 and 2017 Health Barometers, they are twice as embarrassed to take out their package in full view since it has changed appearance.

The neutral package has led to a significant drop in attractiveness among young adults.

Two years after the implementation of the neutral package, Public Health France published the first results of this measure on the perception that smokers have of their tobacco package. France is one of the first countries to have adopted the new packaging of the tobacco packet, including the neutral dark green packet, and the expansion of health warnings on the same packet, to fight against industrial marketing and to denormalize products. tobacco. The results are encouraging.

A change in the perception of smokers

The study by Public Health France compares the perceptions of smokers before and after the introduction of the new package. While in 2016, 53% of smokers said they liked the appearance of their cigarette pack, this percentage was reduced by three, to 16% in 2017. Smokers are also more embarrassed to take out their packet out of the box. seen by all, because of its appearance: they were 12% to be inconvenienced in 2017, against 6% in 2016. The attractiveness of the package, linked to its appearance, has also experienced a significant decline among 18-24 year olds .

However, it is difficult to assess the effect of the neutral package on the prevalence of smoking, since various anti-smoking measures were put in place in 2016-2017. ”The new packaging of tobacco products has certainly had an impact on the perception by smokers of their packages and probably contributed, in a particularly strong anti-tobacco context, to further denormalize tobacco products in France.”; reports Public Health France. At the beginning of January 2019, the tobacco supplier Logista France reported a 9.32% drop in cigarette sales.

Young people on the front line

The 2014-2019 national tobacco reduction program (PNRT) primarily targets young people, the objective being to prevent them from starting to smoke. ”The first lever of this axis was to make tobacco products less attractive, in particular with the implementation of the neutral package and the renewal, expansion and repositioning of the health warnings present on the packaging of tobacco products, in accordance with the French law. European directive of April 2014”. This has led to a significant decrease in the attractiveness of the package among young adults, ”qThere are now as few of them as the others to appreciate the appearance of the package”.