For the first time, a private recycled ship with a crew went to the ISS

She is private and once flew her into space with her crew. Now, Crew Dragon, as part of the Crew-2 mission, has set out to fly again. Shortly before noon, two astronauts flew to the International Space Station.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft is returning to space with the crew, which less than a year ago as part of the DM-2 mission tested that private companies could safely take them to the crew’s orbit. Her kdov marked is C206.2 and at that time the crew renamed it Endeavor. Thus, the launch vehicle Falcon 9, which will take off, has it for one year in a row. It was brought out last November by another Crew Dragon with a crew in the Crew-1 mission.

It will now be possible for the rocket to be re-used. While the rocket, after departing from Cape Canaveral, Florida, it spun in a few minutes after takeoff to the plateau, which will now return to it in the sea, and will return at the end of June.

NASA astronauts Megan McArthurov and Shane Kimbrough, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Japanese JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoide were scheduled to take off from Florida on Thursday at 6:11 a.m. (12:11 SEL). Departure in the original filled term changes the conditions of unfavorable weather conditions above the Atlantic valuation, which could cause a sweat in the event of a failed start and emergency piston. The first regular flight of the Crew-1 last November lasted similarly


What to expect in the afternoon before the start of the Crew-2 mission.

The new time of departure was set at 5:49 local time (11:49 SEL), ie at about the moment when the launch complex 39A of the Kennedy Space Center finds itself below the International Space Station. According to forecasts, there will be a significant weather over the Atlantic today.

Nai ptel (on ISS) ns oekvaj and we don’t want to be late. They even recently installed a lonice for me. The host was great, the French astronaut Pesquet wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

But he will not be able to howl, he and the crew will have to endure less than 24 hours of flight to the ISS. Crew Dragon should arrive there on Saturday after 11 a.m.

Endeavor and Falcon 9 pat SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk. The ship first went to the orbit for the first time last May with a test two-member crew, the launch vehicle to the ISS took three astronauts last November.

Astronauts led by Kimbrough on the ISS strv est msc. On the other hand, he boldly replaces the three colleagues who are to spin on Earth on Wednesday. In addition to many other rounds, they will bring an organism and grow an organism on the ISS, where scientists have not been sure for a long time where to place it.