Zemel newspaper and writer Karel Pacner. He was at the start of the first people at MSc

The colleague Karel Pacner, a colleague, newspaper and author of non-fiction, announced the television esk. He was 85 years old. He wrote about the universe and the history of pioneer. He has written three books and several TV series. He was the author of many lnk on our server.

Karel Pacner died mole after his 85th birthday, which he celebrated on the 29th birthday. The newspaper and publicist was known as the author of non-fiction.

In 1969, he watched the launch of Apollo 11 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, with astronauts being the first pistol on Msci, where he took us in his books and books.

He was incredibly inventive in finding ways to extract information from astronauts that was never officially fooled. From him, I learned about the averted side of manned flights and the dangers that astronomer Grygar remembered the state of astronauts in the dark behind each cosmic bollard.

He has written on three books, and is the author of the television series From Earth to the Stars and Czechoslovakia in Special Sites.

After graduating from the University of Economics in 1959, Rodk from Janovice joined the editorial office of Mlad fronta, where he popularized science.

Karel Pacner was a guest of Rozstel in December 2020:


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Only on Technet.cz came a dark 400 lines from his pen, which dealt with astronautics or pions and always brought a great response.

He was recognized for his work with the Trilobit 2002 Prize, which is awarded by the Czech Film and Television Association FITES for the best original film and television production, and the Prize for the Popularization of the Academy of Sciences. In 2012, he wrote memory ivot novine or this is the one that was at the start of Amerian at Msc.

Even at the venerable age, he did not give up and prepared to publish a book about pioneers in the autumn, this time in exchange for women. It was supposed to come out in the autumn and our chapters could know some chapters exclusively in advance.

Let’s remember the collaboration with Karel Pacner. It was not enough for all the editors who could meet them.


Watch put dly on iDNES.tv